Shiva Swarodaya Shashtra Path

The word SWARA means the sound of the breathing through nostril and the word YOGA comes from yuj which means joining or union…thus Swara Yoga is the science of nasal breathing that increases awareness in a systematic manner and may lead the practitioner to the ultimate adventure, the enlightenment. Enlightenment is a stateless state where mind is absent and integration of energy happens because of the absent of the fragmentary mind.

Swara yoga is an ancient science which originated as a dialogue between Shiva & Parvati. It is of tremendous significance to modern scientific minded people as there are 395 sutras in the original script of Shiva Swarodaya Shashtra and many of these sutras are very significant for the quantification of awareness for the modern man. This science remained a secret for thousands of year but now made available since last 20 Years by GURUJI for the sincere seekers interested in learning this sacred science given by non other than Lord Shiva himself!

By learning and practicing Swara Yoga on daily basis you can realign your self to the cosmic rhythms that help to improve health, well-being and natural healing process of the body. It also helps to increase one’s awareness.

Shiva Swarodaya Shastra Path
"Increase your awareness beyond your imagination."
at TAO, Thane (w), India.

"Swara Lab Part 1" (The Science of Nasal Breathing)
at TAO, Thane (w), India.

“Swara Lab Part 2" (The Science of Nasal Breathing)
at TAO, Thane (w), India.






4 days Shibir, at TAO Pyramid Dhyan Kendra,
Thane, India.