Stress has many phases depending upon its severity. Each phase has its signs and symptoms.
Go through the details presented in the following table and find out how severe is your stress

Phase-1: Warning
Feeling of Vague anxiety, Mild Depression, Boredom,
Emotional fatigue. Minor Irritations.
Phase-2: Mild Symptoms
Sleep disturbances, More frequent headaches / colds, Muscle aches, Intensified physical and emotional fatigue, Withdrawal from contact with others, Irritability, Intensified depression.
Phase-3: Entrenched Cumulative Stress
Increased use of alcohol, smoking, non-prescription drugs, Depression, Physical & Emotional fatigue, Loss of sex drive, Ulcers, Marital discord, Crying spells, Intense anxiety, Rigid thinking, Withdrawal, Restlessness, Sleeplessness.
Phase-4: Severe / Debilitating
Cumulative Stress Reaction
Career end prematurely, Asthma, Severe depression, Heart blockages, Lowered self-esteem / self-confidence, Inability to perform one’s job, Inability to manage personal life, withdrawal, Uncontrolled anger, grief, rage, Suicidal tendencies, Muscle tremors, Extreme chronic fatigue, Agitation, Over reaction to minor events

A Systematic Approach to

Learn the secrets of simple but highly effective techniques of Stress Management derived from Shiv Swarodaya, Kriya Yoga,
Holistic Lifestyle and Modern Research in Stress Management

Process of globalization and virtual demolition of time and space restrictions through modern communication aids has put tremendous stress on everyone who is living active life. Can this external aspect be harmonized and tuned with our internal personality?

Answer is yes if we know what needs to be tuned and how to sustain that tuning. Purpose of this training process is to recognize internal aspect of our personality that causes responses of stress and improve your personal productivity and quality of life.


Genesis of stress: Outside or inside?
How stressed are you?
Spotting the warning signs of stress
Stress, Strain, Eustress, Distress
Stressors – Elements & perspectives that cause stress
Physical & Psychological Symptoms
Why stress? The root cause of stress
Coping with stress
Various exercises for managing stress
Treatment of stress: Curative & Preventive
Emotional Intelligence & Stress
Managing stress through Holistic Lifestyle


Those who want to enjoy tough encounters with swiftness in personal, professional and social life – irrespective of age and position.


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Learn the Secrets of Kriya, Meditation,
Shiv Swarodaya & Holistic Lifestyle

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